Promotion of Ministry Employees
Promotion of Ministry Employees

Among the efforts made by His Excellency the Minister of Interior, Major General Ibrahim Haidan, the decision to promote the employees of the Ministry of Interior to the various ranks that are legally entitled. Where His Excellency the Minister of Interior, Major General Ibrahim Haidan, issued decisions promoting the Ministry’s employees who are legally entitled to promotion from officers and individuals, from the legal promotions that were halted ten years ago due to the events that the country experienced following the war ignited by the terrorist Houthi militia.. stressing that the promotions and benefits come within the framework of The keenness of the Ministry's leadership to establish the legal status of the Ministry's affiliates.

A number of 4852 officers were promoted in various promotions according to legal entitlement, and statements were submitted to His Excellency the President of the Republic to promote the number of 2701 to the rank of major general, brigadier general, and colonel, and the number of 5,600 individuals and an officer description were promoted to the rank of second lieutenant for those who had served for more than twenty years, and 92,799 individuals were promoted An officer's description of legally entitled ranks.

The Minister of Interior was keen on continuous follow-up and supervision of the speedy completion of the lists of promotions for eligible employees of the Ministry, where he issued an urgent directive to the departments of officers and personnel to quickly circulate promotion decisions by issuing notifications to the security directors of the liberated governorates to download the lists that issued them due promotions and issue military cards.

His Excellency the Minister of Interior also directed the Supreme Police Council to form a legal committee to reformulate the regulations of the Ministry of Interior in accordance with Article (4) of Republican Decree No. (50) for the year 2013 AD regarding the restructuring of the Ministry of Interior.