The Ministry of   Interior participated in   the fourth session of the Ad Hoc   Committee on the Elaboration of a Comprehensive International Convention. It was against the Use of Information and Communication Technologies for Criminal Purposes. It was attended by   UN Member States and a number of international organizations and academics. This course was

Security Media: Abu Dhabi Major General Mohammed Musaed Al Amir, Undersecretary of the Security and Police Sector, participated in the 46th Conference of Arab Police and Security Leaders. It began today and will last for two days, in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi. The conference will be attended by Arab police and security leaders

Security Media – Private The Ministry of Interior issued a report on the completion of the civil services sector for the last year 2022, reinforced by the achievements, activities and detailed statistics of the sector's departments in the liberated governorates, which include civil status and civil registry, immigration, passports and nationality, rehabilitation and reform,

Aden - Security Media: The Ministry of Interior issued the annual security statistics report for the security sector and the police for the past year 2022. It was regarding   criminal crimes, non-criminal accidents, traffic accidents, and anti-narcotics achievements in the liberated governorates.  The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for the security  and  police

Security Media – Aden: Today, in the interim capital, Aden, a meeting was held. It was to discuss joint cooperation between the Ministry of Interior and   international organizations. It was in the presence of   representatives of UNICEF,   who,   UNDP, UNOPS   and Civic. During the meeting, Dr. Maryam Dougani, Head of the Department of Organizations

Security Media: Aden Today, the Supreme Military and Security Committee visited the General Office of the Ministry of the Interior. It was in the Directorate of Khawr Maksar in the temporary capital of Aden. I t was on the instructions of His Excellency the President of the Presidential Command Council, Dr. Rashad Al-Alimi. Upon

Security Media – Private Police departments in the liberated governorates recorded 769 seized criminal cases during the month of October. A report by the General Directorate of Command and Control of the Ministry of the Interior indicated that criminal cases were concentrated in 192 robberies, 156 simple intentional injuries, 120 assaults on property other than

Security Media – Private An official source at the Ministry of the Interior warned all Yemeni citizens living abroad against dealing with individuals and entities that belong to or promote the ideas and actions of the Houthi terrorist militias in any way. It noted that, in accordance with the decision of the National Defense Council

Security Media – Tunisia At the 25th Conference of Officials Responsible for Combating Terrorism, held in the Tunisian capital, Brigadier General Ahmed Dhaheri, Director General of Counter-Terrorism and Organized Crime, revealed the joint coordination between the Houthi militias, al-Qaeda organizations and ISIS in terrorist operations in the liberated governorates. This came during his speech at

Security Media – Madrid The First Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior, Major General Mohammed Salem bin Aboud Al-Sharif, participated in the International Conference to Enhance International Cooperation to Combat Drug Trafficking and Human Trafficking.  The conference is organized over three days   in the capital of the Kingdom of Spain, Madrid , by the Spanish

Cairo - Special: The Red Sea Center for Political and Security Studies launched its first research publication. It was with a book dealing with Iran's crimes in Yemen in 8 years, since 2015. The Red Sea   Center for Political and Security Studies held an event on Saturday evening. It was at the headquarters of

Security Media – Private: Yesterday, 2498 passengers arrived in our country through land and airports. It includes 1974 citizens, 317 Arabs and 207 foreign nationals. A statistical report "The security media got a copy of it" about the check-in of 597 passengers through Aden airport. In addition, 1319 passengers check-in through the deposit port.

Security Media – Private: The Minister of Interior, Major General Ibrahim Haidan, sent a telegram of condolences. It was to his counterpart, Major General Mahmoud Tawfiq, Minister of Interior in the sisterly Arab Republic of Egypt. He expressed his condolences to the victims and the wounded, the terrorist explosion that targeted a security checkpoint

Security Media: Private During the call, General Staff Maj. Gen. Ibrahim Haidan praised the security vigilance of the security officers, who  seized two Volvo trailers carrying equipments of drone  that was destined for the Houthi terrorist militia. The Minister of Interior noted the continuous coordination between the main command and control center in the Ministry

شSecurity Media/ Aden The Minister of Interior the Major General Ibrahim Haidan   congratulated  the employees of the Ministry of Interior, from various security units and agencies in the liberated governorates and regions of Yemen,  by the Arab Police Day, which falls on December 18 of each year. Considering the occasion as a symbol and address of

Security Media – Aden: The Minister of the Interior, Major General Ibrahim Haidan, met today in the interim capital, Aden, with the head of the European Union mission, Gabriel Véniales. He met also the ambassadors of the French Republic, Jean-Marie Safa, the Federal Republic of Germany, Hubert Jaeger, and the Swiss Republic, Thomas Tortilla.

Ministry of Interior: The  Minister of Interior , Major General  Ibrahim  Haidan ,sent congratulations to His Highness Sheikh / Lieutenant General Saif  bin  Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Deputy    Prime  Minister and Minister of Interior  of the United  Arab   Emirates. It is on the   occasion of the 51st   anniversary of the establishment of

Ministry of Interior Affairs The Minister of the Interior, Major General Ibrahim Haidan, sent a telegram congratulating the President of the Presidential Command Council and the members of the Council on the 55th anniversary of Independence Day on the 30th of November. The telegram said: "It is my pleasure, on behalf of myself and on

Security Media – Aden The Minister of Interior directed Staff Major General Ibrahim Haidan to investigate and raise the inferences in the terrorist incident of the Houthi militias that targeted the port of  al-thabbahin the governorate of Hadramawt by drones. The Minister of Interior's direction to the competent authorities came quickly to collect evidence and

Aden – Special The Minister of Interior, Major General Ibrahim Haidan, today in the temporary capital of Aden, discussed with the US ambassador to Yemen, Stephen Fagan, the threats of the terrorist Houthi militias and the strengthening of joint cooperation in the field of combating terrorism, supporting the Coast Guard and supporting the plan

Security Media: Aden The Minister of the Interior, Major General Ibrahim Haidan, discussed today, in the interim capital of Aden, with the United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Yemen, David Grisley, and his delegation. The meeting dealt with strengthening relations and aspects of cooperation and coordination between  Yemen and the United Nations  in areas

Aden - Ministry of Interior: The Minister of the Interior, Major General Ibrahim Ali Haidan, praised the efforts of the Shabwa Governorate Police and the security services to establish security and stability, combat crimes in all their forms and arrest the perpetrators, the last of which was the arrest of a perpetrator of a

Security Media – Private: Today, the Minister of Interior, Major General Ibrahim Haidan, praised the Counter-Terrorism Department team in Taiz for their efforts to arrest a terrorist cell linked to the implementation of criminal operations in the province, the last of which was the bombing of a vehicle belonging to one of the military

Security Media – Khartoum: The Deputy Chairman of the Sudanese Sovereignty Council, General Mohamed Hamdan Daglou Hamideti, met   today in Khartoum with the Minister of the Interior, Major General Ibrahim Haidan. It was during his visit to the Sudan. During the meeting, the Deputy Chairman of the Sudanese Sovereignty Council welcomed the visit of