The UN Truce between Reality and Wishes
The UN Truce between Reality and Wishes

A second truce is almost over. A third is looming. Nothing has changed throughout the theatre of combat operations except for the cessation of the coalition raids. Besides, the Houthi militia's mobilization is doubling for a wider and more violent war.
The United Nations and American envoys count it as an achievement of their endeavours for peace in Yemen. While the Yemenis live it as a bitter reality on the various humanitarian, military and economic levels.
On the military level, the Houthi militia has not stopped launching offensive operations, developing sites, artillery stalls, calibres, and mobilizing reinforcements to all fronts. It was since the announcement of the truce on the second of April.
On the humanitarian level, it did not agree to open a single road to break the siege of the residents of the city of Taizz. Nor did it take the initiative to pay the salaries of the employees from the revenues of the port of Hodeidah as stipulated in the Armistice Agreement.
The whole world had seen her intransigent attitude when her delegation had come to the road opening consultations in the guise of warlords. While the world had been expecting a humanitarian attitude from her, she had declared her intention to open cemeteries, not humanitarian corridors, for the sons of Taizz.
Further insulting the United Nations and in disregard peace efforts, it has doubled the targeting of densely populated neighbourhoods of the city of Taizz. They do all this with a daily massacre, every hour of funeral and wailing.
Thus, the truce was an achievement of the international concept and fragile in the sense of the international community. It also lead to the ongoing calamity in the reality of a people crushed by the Houthi war, the terrorism machine and its supporters in Tehran.
As the United Nations seeks a third truce, the fact remains that it has not, and will not, in fact, change anything as much as it exacerbates the crisis and compounds the suffering of the people. The experiences of the Yemenis with Al-Houthi prove that the reality is not wishful thinking.