Security Media – Private Taiz Governorate police arrested yesterday, Tuesday, an accused in a case of killing  by mistake in Al-Masrakh sub-district. The police arrested the accused (M,A,Mokbel) on charges of accidentally killing a citizen because of tampering with the weapon. The interested person was booked to complete the necessary procedures.

Security Media – Private Yesterday, Saturday, Taiz Governorate police seized an interested person in a murder case The police arrested the accused (S,A, Q,Mujahid) on charges of killing the victim, Muhammad 'Abd-al-Ilah. The interested person was booked to complete the necessary procedures.

Security Media – Private On Friday, the security services in Taiz Governorate, Al-Shamayatayn Directorate, arrested a defendant in the case of killing a citizen and injuring another. The police indicated that the perpetrator (W, A, S, S) 30 years old shot ( M, S, Sword) and injured him with a gunshot wound to the abdomen

Security Media: Yesterday, Sunday, the Houthi terrorist militia sniped a 40-year-old citizen, Jamil Abdullah,   from Taiz Governorate. The police indicated that the Houthi terrorist militia stationed at the former central security point on the citizen's sniping. It is as a result of which he was shot in the shoulder. The police pointed out that

Security Media: The security services in Taiz Governorate seized 4 suspects in the   killing of the citizen Muhammad 'Abd-al-Wahab Naji. The police told the security media that the suspects had opened fire on the citizen as he was driving in his car in the Bardad area. As a result of which he was hit

Security Media – Taiz In connection with the crimes against humanity committed by the Houthi militias, the militias blew up the house of a citizen of Taiz. The house of Muhammad Hamoud 'Abd al-Rab' Ahmad, 55, was completely blown up from the position of the Houthi militias in Tabat al-Salihin, the village of al-Shaqib Saber

The security services of the Taiz Governorate Police managed to arrest two people for attacking an official facility. Taiz Police explained that the perpetrators (A, A, Sarhan) and (S, Abdul Karim) attempted to storm the Revolution Police Department. The purpose was to get out a prisoner detained in connection with an assault and

Security Media – Private Police in Taiz governorate arrested 6 suspects in a suicide incident involving a female citizen in mid-November. The police indicated that the perpetrators had been placed in custody pending legal proceedings.

Security Media – Private: The Houthi militia stationed in Tabat al-Ba'arah in Taiz governorate caused a severe injury to Sabah Awad Ahmed, 45 years old. A security source said that a shot from the Houthi militia sniper entered from below the victim's rib cage and lodged inside the abdomen. The source considered the incident

Security Media – Private: The accused " F , A  ,  Qasim "was injured for 40 years during the execution of a mission by the police of Taiz Governorate to arrest him. It is under a compulsory order from the prosecution of Jabal Habashi. The  Taiz  police indicated that the perpetrator had tried with

Security Media – Taiz In continuation of the Houthi militias' crimes against humanity and their violation of the truce, the militias bombed the homes of citizens in Taiz. The militias’ shelling of two citizens' homes caused material damage and damage estimated at 2 million Yemeni rials. Houthi militias continue to commit crimes against citizens,

Security Media – Taiz: The security services in Taiz arrested three defendants for the murder of the citizen Ayman  Adnan  Al-Sharjabi from Al-Shamaytien Directorate.  A citizen of a pistol-type cattle was shot under the left eye by a window from behind, which immediately led to his death. The security services proceeded to complete the legal procedures