Security Media: The police of Marib Governorate managed to recover a stolen car belonging to a citizen. The police indicated that they had received a report from a citizen, Jamil Hussein. He had been shot while driving his vehicle as a result he had been injured in one hand and the car had been

Security Media – Private: The security services in Marib Governorate seized 3 people who tried to smuggle an artifact out of the governorate. A source at Marib police explained that the seized persons obtained the artifact while they were digging Bayarain the governorate. Referring to the placement of accused persons in custody pending legal

Security Media – Private: The police of Marib Governorate managed to   deactivate a homemade explosive device. A source at Marib Police stated that immediately after receiving a report about the IED, the security   services summoned the explosives expert and delivered them to the criminal evidence. The source considered the IED to be a terrorist

Security Media- Marib The police of Marib Governorate concluded today a training course. It was to qualify security personnel on criminal investigation procedures. It lasted from19 to29 June 2022. This course aims to raise the capabilities of security personnel in the field of criminal investigation and improve the level of performance of the security