The Minister of Interior condoles on the martyrdom of Brigadier General Abdul Latif Al-Sayed and his companions

Security Media – Private Today, the Minister of Interior, Major General Ibrahim Ali Haydan, sent a telegram of condolence to the family of the commander of the Security Alhezam Forces in Abyan Abdul Latif Muhammad Hussein Bafakiya (Sayyid), who was martyred on Thursday with his companions, following a terrorist bombing that targeted his car in Abyan Governorate. In the telegram of condolence, the Minister of Interior expressed his deep sorrow and great sorrow for the death of the deceased, who had a role in resisting the terrorist organizations in Abyan Governorate, expressing his condolences and condolences to the family and children of the deceased and all his family, praying for the soul of the deceased and his companions, asking the ِAllah to show them his mercy and dwell in his paradise and inspire their families and loved ones patience and solace. He noted that the Ministry of Interior will spare no effort in fighting the dens of extremism and terrorism in Abyan governorate and all over the Republic of Yemen. Mercy and forgiveness for the martyrs Healing for the injured and wounded  I thank the heads of State and Government for their condolences All of us are for Allah and we are coming back to Allah >