Yesterday, 3,466 citizens arrived at home(Yemen).

Security Media – Private Arrived in Yemeni Lands on Friday through the airports of Aden and Siyoun and the ports of Al wadeeah and Serfeet and Shehen 3,970 passengers, including 504 visitors of Arab and foreign nationalities. Another 4,390 people, including 4,032 citizens, left through the aforementioned ports. According to reports issued by the ports, 618 citizens and 101 Arabs and foreigners arrived through Aden and Siyoun airports, while 3,251 passengers entered through the land ports, including 2,589 passengers who arrived through the port of Alwadeeah. 693 passengers, including 98 Arabs and foreigners, left through the air ports, while 3,697 passengers, including 260 Arabs and foreigners, left through the port of  Alwadeeah, Shehenand discharging. >