Houthi sectarian centers are laboratories for trapping young people's minds and injecting them with extremist ideas

Hence, evil struck its head in the province of Sa’dah two decades ago. It is including until it expanded until it spread throughout Yemen. It is leaving blood and massive destruction in cities and rural areas. Before that, the killing, looting, displacement of Yemenis and the destruction of their cities and villages was just an idea nesting in the head of the Hulk Badr al-Din al-Houthi and his sons. It was before they injected them into the minds of hundreds of children and young people, then forced them into six rounds of armed war against the state in Saada between 2004 and 2010. It was leading to the invasion of the capital Sana'a in September 2014. They call them "summer centers" and mobilize children from cities and villages with methods of incitement and intimidation. But, it is not to qualify them scientifically and physically for their benefit as known. But. It is to brainwash them, incite them to violence and hatred, inject them with extreme intellectual poisons, and train them on weapons as well as planting mines. From the beginning, these camps have enjoyed direct Iranian support. It is with the aim of building Yemeni generations with an Iranian identity hungry for bloodshed and destruction. During the past five years, Yemen has experienced- for the first time- increasingly brutal murders. It was mostly involving parents and relatives at the hands of their children who were affected by the Houthi mobilization programs. According to press reports, 44 fathers, mothers and relatives were killed by their relatives in just a year and a half. The Houthis' mobilization of children was not limited to summer centers. But, it is extended to schools, by changing the school curricula in line with the ideas of the sectarian militia that are alien to Yemeni society. In addition to other accompanying activities that make students tools of killing and terrorism. This forced Yemeni scientists to warn of the danger of these centers to the present and future generations, and to call for confronting these ideas in all possible ways and ways by all. Nearly a million children and young people are currently undergoing brain washing in Houthi mobilization centers. It threatens Yemen and the region, which everyone must correct before the disaster occurs >