The Role of Minister Haidan in Activating the Role of the Ministry of Interior

After the formation of the legitimate government after the Riyadh Agreement, which was supervised by the brothers in the coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and took over the leadership of the Ministry of Interior in December 2020, His Excellency the Minister of Interior Major General Ibrahim Ali Haidan, since his arrival in the temporary capital of Aden, made a great effort to activate the work of the Ministry to establish security and spread public tranquility At the time, he was able to reach positive steps in cooperation with the Transitional Council, which controls Aden, despite the lack of resources and the destruction of infrastructure due to the war launched by the Houthi terrorist coup group. Since his arrival in Aden, the Minister of Interior has demanded the unification of the security services under the leadership of the ministry to unify the security decision away from political and partisan bickering and to strive to build a security apparatus whose mission is to provide security, tranquility and tranquility for the citizens. The most prominent movements and activities of the Minister of Interior, Major General Ibrahim Haidan, were discussions with the Prime Minister, Dr. Maeen Abdul-Malik for scheduling the payment of salaries and arrears, and was able to reach excellent procedures for scheduling arrears of salaries and the government's commitment to disburse them. >