The Minister of the Interior congratulates the ministry's affiliates on Arab Police Day
The Minister of the Interior congratulates the ministry

شSecurity Media/ Aden
The Minister of Interior the Major General Ibrahim Haidan 
 congratulated  the employees of the Ministry of Interior, from various security units and agencies in the liberated governorates and regions of Yemen,  by the Arab Police Day, which falls on December 18 of each year.
Considering the occasion as a symbol and address of the security effort and give.
Minister Haidan noted in the context of congratulations that the Ministry of Interior provided during the current year 2022 the finest of its sons in defending and defending national gains and confronting the forces of evil and terrorism, foremost among which are the Houthi terrorist militia, Al Qaeda and ISIS.
He pointed out that 99 martyrs and 221 wounded and captured, who gave their lives as a sacrifice to the homeland, mercy on the martyrs and the means of God Almighty to expedite the release of prisoners and the recovery of the wounded.
He stressed that the political leadership represented by the President of the Presidential Command Council, His Excellency Dr. Rashad Al-Alimi, and the members of the Council, along with the leadership of the Ministry, highly appreciate the great sacrifices made by members of the security services in strengthening security and stability.
The Minister of the Interior said in congratulation (harder on the hands of the security services and units who give their pure lives and pure blood for the sake of the stability and security of the homeland and the citizen.
Minister Haidan pointed out that this security day represents for the leaders of the Arab Ministers of Interior the Arab cohesion in the march of cooperation and joint coordination, on the path of goodness, love and peace.
The Minister of Interior added during his congratulations to the ministry's employees (Today we must be proud and proud of the great sacrifices made by heroic security men in various security locations and points and in public and private interests.  We remember those sacrifices with pride, pride and appreciation, especially as we celebrate this world in the Arab Police Day in exceptional security conditions characterized by the spread and spread of crime and terrorism, the spread of drugs and piracy, which Iran finances for its militias in the Arab countries, which imposed security challenges and an accelerated transformation in the fields of criminality and its tools).
The Minister of the Interior also sent several messages on the occasion of Arab Police Day, which included thanks and appreciation for all the security efforts and great successes achieved by heroes in various governorates and liberated areas. Based on the full awareness that we are all concerned with supporting the security men and supporting them in their efforts to combat crimes and search for ways to enhance their security role to enable them to perform their tasks as they should).
Major General Ibrahim Haidan stressed the need to strengthen the relationship and strengthen trust between the police and society, and to provide all kinds of material and moral support to the security services and units.