A documentary film for the Ministry of Interior entitled Leadership and Determination in the Service of Security and Stability
A documentary film for the Ministry of Interior entitled Leadership and Determination in the Service of Security and Stability

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The General Directorate of Moral Guidance and Public Relations at the Ministry of Interior produced a film entitled (Leadership and Determination in the Service of Security and Stability), which includes the efforts of the sectors, departments and general administrations in the Ministry, as well as the achievements of the security services in the governorates during the first half of this year 2023.
The film reflects, in both Arabic and English, the level of readiness of the security units and the relentless movement of brave security men throughout the squares of the homeland, who are effectively and vigorously crowded and make sacrifices in maintaining public tranquility and repelling threats so that the homeland enjoys security and stability, despite the challenges suffered by this country and the many difficulties experienced by its people and the crises facing many of its institutions as a result of the war of the Houthi terrorist militia...
He also touches on the efforts of the Ministry's leadership represented by the Minister of Interior, Major General Ibrahim Haidan, which was characterized by meetings and tours with senior international and regional officials concerned with security affairs, to enhance coordination and raise the level of joint cooperation for the benefit of the Yemeni security establishment to develop and raise efficiency.
The television film monitors the successes of the security services during the current year, represented in the elimination of the most dangerous terrorist gangs and criminals motivated by mercenarism and misguidance. In addition to thwarting attempts to assassinate officials and seizing those involved in planting explosive devices targeting vehicles for security and military leaders, as well as arresting many members of terrorist organizations, and tracking the cells involved in them.
In the field of institutional development and modernization, the report reviews the role of the Ministry of Interior to restore the infrastructure and provide it with modern means, and the use of the integrated system of the ministry and its devices through the modernization of the electronic system at land, land and air ports, passport and immigration offices at the airport and the port of Mokha, and the port of the border deposit and linking it to the ministry.
In order to improve the level of security performance and raise the quality of police services, the Robertage refers to the implementation by the Ministry of Interior of many foundational, specialized and qualitative courses, and the implementation of a number of courses, workshops and seminars in coordination with national and international institutions and organizations, in addition to the participation of members of the security establishment in many Arab and international qualitative courses.