Yemen participates in the 46th Conference of Arab Police and Security Leaders in Abu Dhabi
Yemen participates in the 46th Conference of Arab Police and Security Leaders in Abu Dhabi

Security Media: Abu Dhabi
Major General Mohammed Musaed Al Amir, Undersecretary of the Security and Police Sector, participated in the 46th Conference of Arab Police and Security Leaders. It began today and will last for two days, in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi. The conference will be attended by Arab police and security leaders and senior   security officials from various Arab countries, the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL), and the United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism. It will also be attended by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the African Union Mechanism for Police Cooperation, and the European Law Enforcement Training Agency. Besides, it will be attended by the European Commission's Counter-Terrorism and Criminal Justice Project, Naif Arab University for Security Sciences and the Arab Police Sports Federation.  The conference will discuss a number of important topics on the agenda. It is including money laundering crimes, the importance of the role played by the security spokesperson, the recommendations of the conferences of heads of security sectors and committee meetings. It held within the Secretariat-General during 2022. Besides, it is including a report on the work of the Arab Sports Union for the police for 2022.  Some of the distinguished security experiences of some Member States will be reviewed. As well as   consideration of a draft Arab strategy to combat trafficking in human beings and human organs. It was prepared by a specialized committee convened within   the   Secretariat-General earlier this year.  It is scheduled to present the winning works in the annual awareness film competition conducted by the General Secretariat as part of the efforts exerted to raise awareness of crime and prevent its dangers. As well as, it is to hold special celebratory events on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the first conference of Arab police and security leaders. It was in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates, in 1972.   

The Undersecretary reviewed the difficult circumstances our country has been   going through since 2014. It was following the coup of the Iranian-backed Houthi terrorist militia. This militia controls over state institutions, including security. They practice the terrorist acts that have negatively reflected on Yemeni society, its security and stability. It even encroaches into the Arab regional environment by targeting civilian objects in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. As well as, it threats to international navigation and energy sources.  It also rejects the calls for peace and initiatives to stop the war. He touched on the battles and heroic epics waged by the national army and security heroes. It was with the support and backing of the Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE. It is in order to end the Houthi coup and restore the state and its institutions.
He praised the efforts of brothers in Saudi Arabia and the UAE along with Yemen and Yemenis. As well as, heroes fighting heroic battles. It was against evil gangs, organized crime, drug traffickers and terrorist cells lurking in the security of the homeland and the Arab region. He called on the brothers to continue their support and assistance to our country in the face of difficult circumstances and overcome the ordeal.  He also called them to bear the burdens and responsibilities of rebuilding the national security institution and strengthening efforts to maintain security and stability and overcome all challenges. It was a result of the size of the destruction caused by the Houthi militia, especially the security institution, as well as other state institutions.