Security Media – Private The security services in Hadramout Governorate seized the coast yesterday, Wednesday, accused in a narcotics case. The police indicated that the accused (M, M, Faraj) was caught with a hashish link weighing 10 grams. The accused was detained and placed in prison pending legal proceedings.

Security Media – Private Hadramout police seized the coast yesterday, Tuesday, accused in a fraud case. The police arrested the accused (A,M,Bin Mulhi) on charges of fraud after receiving a report from a citizen stating that the accused had committed a fraud to establish a fictitious project. The interested person was booked to complete the necessary

Security Media – Private A campaign by the security units in Shabwa Governorate managed to arrest 550 Ethiopian Africans who entered the country illegally through smuggling . The seized persons were transferred to a special detention site based on the decision of the security committee in the governorate , while the campaign is still ongoing

Security Media – Mukalla Hadramawt Coast Police received a report from a resident of Mukalla that he had been defrauded by the perpetrator,H.A. Bashabil. The citizen mentioned in his communication the transfer of sums of money estimated at 10 million riyals while in Saudi Arabia for the purpose of opening projects and factories for the

Security Media – Mukalla Today's meeting in Mukalla discussed ways of coordination to complement the Sail Program. It is organized in partnership between the Hadramawt University Students' Political Forum and the police department in the coast of Hadramawt. The meeting, which included the Vice Chancellor of Hadramout University for Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. SalemAl-Obthani.

 Shabwa is the interior ministry. Major General Muhammad, Assistant to the Prince, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for the Security and Police Sector. Besides, a number of security officials met with Shabwa Governorate Governor Awad bin Al-Awlaki today to discuss the security situation in the governorate. The "Governor" greeted the Under-Secretary of

Security Media – Private In the courtyard of the central reformatory building in the city of Ataq in the province of Shabwa, the sentence of retribution was carried out against the convict (Ali Mahdi Othman Abu Shnain) for proving that he killed the victim (Imad Abdullah Bahdi)    . The death sentence was carried out

Security Media - Private: The military units in Wadi Khair, Bayhan District, Shabwa Governorate, were able to confront a terrorist attack by the Houthi militia. The terrorist attack resulted in the injury of the soldier ( Hamam Ayza), 25 years old, with a gunshot wound to the head, and he was taken to the hospital

Security Media – Private Yesterday, Friday, the engineering teams of the Shabwa Governorate Police were able to dismantle an explosive device. The police had been informed of the presence of an explosive device planted next to the general line of the Nisab Directorate Wadi Dharaa. The forensics and criminal investigation team began its visit to inspect

Security Media – Private The police of Shabwa Governorate, Ataq District, arrested yesterday, Monday, two defendants in a case of breach of trust. The police indicated that the perpetrators (N, M, Saeed) and ( M, H, Mabrouk) embezzled an amount of one million six hundred thousand riyals (1600000) The defendants were apprehended and the case is

Security Media – Private A security source in Shabwa province reported that the Houthi terrorist militia launched a drone attack on Tuesday, injuring a citizen with sporadic shrapnel in his body. The source said that the attack targeted the Directorate of Markha Al-Olaya in the province , while the injured person was treated and his

Security Media – Private The police of Shabwa Governorate managed to seize two people who cutoff a fuel tugboat with 75 thousand liters of oil on board A security source at the Shabwa Police said to the" security media "that the two accused of interruption "S, M, B" and "M, P, B" were arrested in

Security Media – Shabwa Police agencies in Shabwah governorate seized a terrorist cell in possession of explosive devices while they were   passing by a Hilux vehicle at a security point in Habban district. The members of the cell, composed of the accused (H. N. M.) and (A. H. Z.) were apprehended. When the members

Governor Bin Al Wazir and the Deputy Prince are introduced to an explanation of the progress of work. Besides, to the level of completion of citizens' transactions, the difficulties they face and the ways to address them. The Governor of Shabwa stressed the importance of job discipline for employees of departments. As well as

Shabwa Security Media Major General Muhammad, Assistant to the Emir, is the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for the Security and Police Sector. He examined the security units and the level of discipline and readiness in Shabwah Governorate today. The provincial police department, the SOS police, the special forces camp, and the Criminal

Security Media – Private The security services in Al-Mahra Governorate foiled an attempt to kidnap foreigners  by a cell belonging to a  terrorist group. An official source in the Ministry of Interior said that the security services in Al-Mahra Governorate were able to successfully arrest ten members belonging to a terrorist group who were in

Security Media – Private The security services in Al-Mahra Governorate arrested 10 defendants in the case of stealing two cars from the house of the owner of the two cars, Harrat Al-Nour. She led a search and investigation operation for the police as soon as she received a report from the owners of the vehicles

Security Media: The security services in Al-Mahra Governorate were able to arrest a person accused of attempting to kill a policeman. The police caught the accused ( M,S,Nashwan ) while he was intercepting cars in Hassawin district  and shooting  a policeman, causing him injury

Security Media – Private Yesterday, Sunday, the security services in Al-Mahra Governorate foiled an attempt to smuggle weapons out of our country. In his report to Al-Ghaydah Police, the so-called (W, M, Hammoud), a 51-year-old Somali national, stated that the perpetrators took money from him in exchange for smuggling 250 weapons. . According to the report, the 

Security Media – Private Yesterday, Monday, the security services in Al-Mahra Governorate arrested a defendant in the case of premeditated murder. The police indicated that the perpetrator (N, M, H, Ghanem) 46 years stabbed the victim ( A, A, Ali) 50 years in the right shoulder and died as a result. The accused was arrested and

Security Media: Yesterday, Al-Mahra Governorate police arrested (J, M, Hmoud) on charges of breach of trust. Al-Mahra Police received a report from the citizen Abdulaziz Mufleh. It was stating that he had handed over to the perpetrator an amount of SR 27,000,000. It was in exchange for purchasing foodstuffs and various goods for his

Security Media - Private The security services at a Shehen outlet in Mahra governorate were able to apprehend an accused of breach of trust while attempting to flee the country. Al-Mahra police indicated that they had received a report from the person in charge, stating that the accused "A, M, Al-Omari" escaped after receiving an

Security Media - Private: Al-Mahra Governorate police managed to seize weapons in the possession of a person while passing through the city market. A police security source told the "security media" that, while searching the vehicle, a checkpoint had found 16 weapons and a bag of ammunition, according to the source, two persons aged

Security Media – Mahra: During the past days, the security and military services in Mahra governorate foiled an attempt to smuggle a large amount of Urea fertilizer into the country. A security source said that the security and military agencies and the customs administration of a shipping port in Al-Mahra seized a number of

Security Media – Mahra Al-Mahra Governorate police today arrested four defendants in possession of   kilograms of black paste of   weed. The accused were found in possession of narcotic substances after being suspected and searched at one of the security points. Al-Mahra Police started placing the wanted persons in custody to complete the procedures and