Security media: Yesterday, Wednesday, the Abyan Governorate Police arrested an accused of fraud and fraud in the Mudiya district. The police received a report that the perpetrator (Z, M, Bin Muhammad) had taken four weapons from his colleagues, with the aim of serving them for varying periods of time at a military point. The communication indicated

Security Media – Private On Thursday, a security campaign in Abyan Governorate managed to clear a camp for terrorist organizations in the Directorate of Modiya, while terrorist elements fled. In another context, heavy rainfall and thunderstorms caused material damage to the buildings of the Governorate Police Department without human casualties.

Security Media – Private Yesterday, Monday, the security services in Abyan Governorate arrested a leader in Al-Qaeda in the Directorate of Modiya. The police indicated that the leader of Al-Qaeda, S, A, Al-Anbouri, was arrested. He is considered the most dangerous and important in Al-Qaeda, as he was arrested by the security forces in Abyan participating

Security Media – Private The security services in the Zanzibar district of Abyan governorate arrested a person who threw a sound bomb at his neighbor's house. A security source in Zanzibar said no one was hurt. The perpetrator (R, N, Albes) was arrested and interrogated to complete the legal proceedings in the case.

Security Media – Abyan A fire in a gas-laden locomotive in   Abyan governorate caused the death of 7 people and serious injury to 1 person. The police of Abyan Governorate said that the outbreak of fire resulted from the coup and the burning inside the locomotive. It was led by   a 22-year-old man from

Lauder Police remove a projectile from the previous war Security Media - Loader Lawdar Police in Abyan Governorate managed to remove a war projectile from the previous Houthi war, which was installed in one of the city's streets, causing a state of terror among the citizens. As soon as the police received a report from the

Security Media – Private Yesterday, Tuesday, the police of Aden Governorate arrested 4 defendants in the cases of intentional bombing and possession of drugs. The police in Brega District arrested the accused (A , Y,Saeed) on charges of possessing a sound bomb and confessing to throwing another sound bomb earlier. In a related context, the Khor

Security Media – Private The Interim Metropolitan Police of Aden explained that the source of the sound of the explosion heard yesterday, Thursday, was due to the explosion of a bomb detonator. The Interim Metropolitan Police of Aden explained that the source of the sound of the explosion heard yesterday, Thursday, was due to

Security Media: The Interim Capital Police in Aden received a report from a citizen.  His car had been damaged. It was during the explosion of an explosive device while passing the public line (Anmaa al-Qadimah - Mansoura). The police indicated that the explosion had caused damage   to the citizen’s bus, the cost of which

Security Media: The security services of the Interim Capital Police in Aden managed to arrest 3 people. They tried to break into a police station to get a detainee out of the center. According to a security source, the perpetrators were placed in    custody. While   two police station officers were   injured and   hospitalized.

Security Media – Private: The provisional capital, Aden, police managed to catch a soldier who planted an IED in the car of Captain Ali bin Ali Hanash, an anti-terrorist member. The Aden police stated that the perpetrator had planted an explosive device in the car while it was parked in the khat market, resulting in

Security Media/ Abyan The Director General of the Police of Abyan Governorate, Brigadier General Ali Nasser Baazb, confirmed that military operations are continuing to cleanse the governorate of Al Qaeda terrorist elements. Al-Hadath channel, General Kazmi pointed out that the joint forces besiege elements of the terrorist al-Qaeda organization in a camp in Wadi Omran

Security Media – Follow-ups A human rights seminar held today in the temporary capital of Aden discussed the violations of the Houthis in the recruitment of children, the planting of mines, the Taiz crossings and other Yemeni governorates. During the inauguration of the proceedings of the symposium, the Chairman of the Aden Monitoring, Studies

After a tracking and monitoring operation in the Buriqa region, the security services of the Aden Security Department were able to apprehend a suspect wanted for criminal acts. Lt. Col. Muhammad bin Shujaa confirmed that the accused (H.F.A.) was arrested at the Qasr point in coordination with the Security Belt Forces, where the pursuit

Security Media – Private A source in the police of Al-Dhalea Governorate confirmed that the so-called (A, A, Ghassan) brought his wife, a citizen (Shorouk Abdel Nasser), a dead body with a gunshot wound. By examining the body, it was found that it was hit by a gunshot that entered from the bottom of the

Security Media – Private The air defenses of the military units in Dhale 'governorate were able to repel a drone attack by the terrorist Houthi militia. The police of the Dali 'governorate received a report that military units in the Maris district had been attacked by unmanned aerial vehicles of the Houthi terrorist militia. As a

Security Media – Private A child was injured in Dali 'governorate as a result of an explosion of a fire projectile left behind by the terrorist Houthi militia war. A security source indicated that the child (Abd al-Hamid Maher al-Aqili), 11 years old, caused the firing projectile to amputate a number of fingers in his

Security Media: Yesterday, the police of Dali Governorate seized 3 suspects in the shooting of a security campaign. It was in the process of implementing the directives of the Prosecutor of Qutbah Elementary. Al-Dhali ' police indicated that, early last week, a security campaign was fired upon.  It was on its way to protect

الإعلام الامني : استشهد 8  من الجنود المرابطين بجبهة الحد يافع بمحافظة لحج نتيجة الإعتداءات المتواصلة لمليشيا الحوثي الإرهابية واستمرارها في ارهابها . وتسبب الإعتداء في إصابة 10 جنود أخرين يتبعون اللواء الرابع دعم وأسناد ، نقلوا للمستشفى لتلقي العلاج .

Security Media - Private: The commander of the 4th Brigade martyred the support and backing of Hadar Muhammad   Mohsen Al-Shothi. It was while inspecting the brigade's positions in Yafea district in Lahij governorate. Police in Lahj governorate confirmed to the "security media" that Brigadier General Al Shooti was shot in the head. It was